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UVC Boost
Enhanced Disinfection for Aged-Care settings

UV Disinfection

The Ultimate in Clean! For air treatment as well as the disinfection of surfaces in Healthcare*, Aged Care*, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory settings, without the use of chemicals.


UVC light is proven to effectively destroy bacteria, moulds and viruses that might remain on surfaces and in the air in any production or storage clean-room or clinical environment.


The UV Boost 360º mobile disinfection device serves as a additional level of security after standard, manual cleaning processes as laid down by The National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.


UV Boost 360º consists of a high quality, stainless steel housing on casters for full maneuverability. A digital timer enables the required adjustment of UV exposure time to achieve optimum effectiveness, and the device is weighted and designed with a low mass centre to prevent toppling. The device is equipped with motion sensors and an alert signals the start and finish of the programmed disinfection time.

*this product is not a medical device.

UV-C light reliably reduces germ loads and improves hygiene by destroying the microorganism's DNA structure so that it cannot reproduce.

Experts in UV technologies and applications since 1995, UV Consulting delivers a range of UV-C devices for surface, room and air duct disinfection for safe, clean working environments in healthcare*, food processing and public buildings.


Click for more info: UV-C Disinfection 

for clean rooms, laboratories & aged care*

UV Disinfection
UV Disinfection
UV Disinfection
UV Disinfection
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